English-Japanese, Japanese-English, abbreviations Offline dictionaries for Android


Dictionary data is unified data from the EDP produced and sold Jiro series of dictionaries; Eijiro (English to Japanese data), Waeijiro (Japanese to English data), Ryakugoro (abbreviation data), and Reijiro (example sentence data).

※Received Eijiro usage license from EDP(http://www.eijiro.jp/) on March 4th, 2011. Received Junjiro(work frequency list) usage license from EDP on August 3rd, 2018.

1. Price

Initial Purchase: 780 yen

Upgrade Price: 780 yen (If purchasing latest dictionary data after initial purchase.)

※Prices for other currencies will be due to Google Play's automatic currency exchange calculation.
※ A free trial version is available on Google Play.
※ You can purchase the paid version (dictionary data) from the top menu within the trial version.

2. Specifications

Operating environment: Android 5.0 or later.

Storage required: About 2.0GB. (Temporary 3.5 GB during installation)

※ Storage capacity requirements may vary depending on the dictionary data version.
※ Please be aware of data charges from your service provider if not using WiFi to download the purchased dictionary data.

3. Features

Offline Dictionary

As the dictionary data is stored on your Android device, you can easily search the dictionary without having to connect to the internet.

English-Japanese, Japanese-English, abbreviations dictionaries

Uses Eijiro, Waeijiro, and Ryakugoro dictionaries. You can search in English or Japanese from the same screen.

Incremental Search

Search results are displayed as you type, allowing you to find the desired word more smoothly.

Bookmarks Screen

You can create bookmarks for your favorite words. Once a word has been bookmarked, you can easily refer to it at any time.

History Screen

Items that once opened the details screen are displayed on the history screen and you can quickly search again.

Two split screen

Select display words to search for them without having to return to the search screen.

Screen Theme

"Dark" theme and "Light" Theme.

Simple word practice screen

Display words randomly for each group in the corpus rank.

Fuzzy search

If there are no search results with three or more words, candidate words are displayed.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before purchasing.
Please purchase only if you agree.

Terms of Use

Revised on 29/Dec/2016

  • 1. This product includes dictionary data. Use of this data is only approved with this product. Removal of this dictionary data from this Android device (including external storage) is unlawful, and use of this data in other devices is not permitted.
  • 2. The accuracy, reliability, availability, eligibility, state of update, as well as any result that may arise from the use of this dictionary data is not guaranteed by the supplier of this product, Eijiroid, nor the supplier of the dictionary data, EDP. Eijiroid does not offer support for the contents of the dictionary data.
  • 3. Neither the supplier of this product, Eijiroid, nor the supplier of the dictionary data, EDP, agree to accept responsibility for any direct or indirect damages, losses, disadvantages, or emotional distress caused by the use of the dictionary data. Please use the dictionary data at your own risk.
  • 4. As per the license agreement with supplier of the dictionary data, EDP, Eijiroid cannot offer dictionary data upgrades after purchase free of charge. In the event that new versions of the dictionary data are made available by EDP, Eijiroid shall update this product in order to assure the newest version of the data is available for purchase. Older versions of the dictionary data will not be available for purchase through the updated product.
  • 5. All support for this product shall be performed by Eijiroid. Please refrain from inquires regarding EDP, including dictionary data.
  • 6. Copyright for the dictionary data is held by EDP. The copying, distribution, and reprinting of the dictionary data to any third party, including the dictionary data with any sold product, as well as the construction of a multi-user system for accessing this data is prohibited without the express consent from EDP.
  • 7. EDP's goal is to bilingually digitize the various words and expressions that people use. Therefore, the dictionary data may include cursing, foul language, discriminatory language, obscenities, radical expressions, and expressions that may be inappropriate in light of modern conventional wisdom. Please take this into account when using this product. Further, EDP's intention is not to actively use or encourage the use of these words and phrases.
  • 8. his product shall be used only on the Android device of the user who has agreed to the Terms and Conditions. Distribution to any third party in any way is prohibited.
  • 9. The customer shall bear any data service expense incurred from downloading Eijiroid as well as the dictionary data. Eijiroid is not responsible for any data expenses.
  • 10. Dictionary data can be downloaded from the remote server up to ten times or up to a period of three years. If you need more than this limit allows, please purchase a upgrade of dictionary data.

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